2017 Ride Schedule

Date    Location
24-Apr    Omand`s Creek (Bike Check)
26-Apr    Assiniboine Park (Can-Bike)
1-May    Chickadee Trail
3-May    Whittier Park
8-May    Burr Oak
10-May    Westview Park
15-May    Bison Butte
17-May    Churchill Drive
24-May    Whittier Park
29-May    Silver Springs Park
31-May    Bruce Park
5-Jun    Burr Oak (Time Trials)
7-Jun    Bois de Esprits
12-Jun    Beaudry
14-Jun    Bison Butte
19-Jun    Burr Oak
21-Jun    BBQ Wrap -Up at Vimy Ridge Park

Website Update

Hey all! 

We are looking forward to a great biking season and seeing some new faces mixed in with our returning riders.  Our coaches have been hard at work getting new certifications and brainstorming activities.  As you are aware we have moved our ride nights to Monday/Wednesdays.  This gives us more flexibility in locations.  Stay tuned for some new and exciting trails that have been established.

As a parent I am always concerned about if my child's bike is the right size and working properly.  If you are in the market for a bike or have one that could use a new home please look at our gear swap page.  In addition make sure that your child has a properly sized helmet for the season.   MEC will again be offering a pre-season bike check that will be mandatory for all bikes, big or small.

The website is getting a refresh this month so look back often!


The 2016 Season is here!

Currently, we are only taking registrations from returning Cheetahs and their siblings. This period should be done by the third week of February, at which time we will accept new registrations for the remaining spaces. 

If you are interested in joining our club, please send an email to kidsofmudcoach@gmail.com as soon as possible. Spaces are limited, and demand for spots is high. 

This year, we will be riding on Monday and Wednesday nights for the first time, as we will then have access to all local ride sites, and not conflict with the other four Kids of Mud clubs in the city.

This year we plan on having new ride locations, new coaches, new certifications, new ramps and skinnies, and of course new uniforms! Planning is already underway, and we are excited to get rolling on two  wheels come melt time. See you soon!

The 2015 Season is Here!

Flaming Cheetahs 2015


First off, welcome to The Flaming Cheetahs Kids of Mud Bike Club. After months of planning, the season is finally here! We are glad to have your family become a part of our bike family this year, and hopefully for many more to come.

We are a relatively new club in only our third season of operation, but we have grown exponentially from 20 kids in 2013, to 40 kids in 2014, and this year we have capped out at 50 kids with a waiting list for 2016 already!

We are a purely volunteer run organization, so please do chip in when you can, and remember to support our fine volunteer coaches as well.

Thanks to one of our awesome parent volunteers, we now have a website! : http://flaming-cheetahs.squarespace.com/ and we also have a very good facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/566056510092249/ We will always post any new and relevant information as soon as we know on the Facebook page for sure, and hopefully the webpage as we learn the ropes.

As most of you know, our club email is kidsofmudcoach@gmail.com please use this email for correspondence, and for any new referrals.


First ride night: Tuesday, April 21st at MEC Winnipeg


MEC Winnipeg is the official sponsoring shop of the Flaming Cheetahs. For the first night, please bring your child and their helmet to MEC Winnipeg. We will check their helmet to ensure a proper fit, you will have a chance to meet the coaches, and also to purchase any item you want for you and your family at ten percent off. If you have any questions about the upcoming season, Tuesday night is a great time to fire away. If your child's bike has some basic maintenance issues, or you are not sure sure about sizing, we can take a look at it that evening if you bring it in.

At our first meeting on the 21st your child will be assigned to a group with 1-2 coaches.  The coaches will be checking helmets to ensure they are suitable for our rides. 

If bikes and/or helmets are not safe (size and fit) your child will not be able to ride with the group. 

Ride Schedule

The ride schedule is posted on our website and facebook page, and will be updated if locations change which does occur on occasion. John Gunter, a new parent this year has put together a great map of ride locations, here are the instructions from John on how to use it:

I've created a shared calendar for the Flaming Cheetahs containing as much information as we currently have available to us. This calendar will continue to be updated as more information about each event becomes available, or as event details change.

The advantage to subscribing to this calendar is that once configured with your preferred calendar application (desktop or mobile, Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar/iCal...) you'll have up-to-date event and *location* information.

For a Flaming Cheetah's rookie family like ours, with meet-up location and a maps-equipped mobile device, it's more likely we'll be specifically where we need to be in order to connect with the group at the Forks or in Birds Hill Park, for example.

From Apple OS X Calendar:
File > New Calendar Subscription... and paste-in this link (below)

From Google Calendar:
On the web, in the left column next to ‘Other Calendars’ select the down arrow on the right and then select “Add by URL” and paste-in this link (below)

From Outlook:

When configuring your calendar application, set 'auto-refresh' to hourly or more frequent. This will be helpful if an event's details change at the last minute.

Flaming Cheetahs shared calendar link:

If you have suggestions please fire them my way. Jamie and I are still tinkering with some meet-up locations.


Please check the schedule the day of each ride in case a change is made (we will also send out an email).  Trail conditions and weather will determine if the current schedule is possible.

We meet at 6:30pm every Tues and Thursday and finish at 8:00pm

Please be on time to pick up your child(ren) if you are not riding with the group.

If you plan to ride with us, please remember you need to purchase a general MCA membership for insurance purposes. It is $50 online or $60 in person.


Team Snap

For group communication, we use the team snap app. If you would like to be contacted via text if there is a location change or cancellation, please talk to coach Sylvia as it requires your cell phone number as well as service provider to work properly. She will be at the rides, and can also be emailed at sylviacfurtado@gmail.com as well with this information.

Bike Swap Day - May 9th

Wolseley Wheels has organized a bike swap day on May 9th.  The purpose of this day is to allow parents to purchase/swap a lightly used, reasonably priced bike for their child(ren) to accommodate the appropriate sizing as our children grow!!  

Location: Whittier Park

Time: 10:00 - Noon

Everyone is welcome! This has been opened up to the other KOM Clubs and will be posted on the MCA website. We are hoping for a good turn out.

Please bring your used bikes and come to take a look at the bikes available if your child has out grown theirs.


If you are interested in becoming a Flaming Cheetahs coach, please let me know.

We also have other volunteer opportunities besides coaching, so please come ask!

Snacks and Water

This year, we would like to have families provide a fruit or vegetable snack for the kids at 7 PM every ride night. There will be a sign up sheets at the first few rides for parents to sign up and volunteer.

Children should have a water bottle or hydration bag with them, as it is important that they be properly hydrated while we are riding.

Commuting and Carpool

We strongly encourage our families to actively transport themselves ans their kids if they can, and carpool if they cannot. For rides close to Wolseley, we will sometime arrange to meet at Wolseley School at 5:45 pm, and bike together as a group. For further locations, please use the facebook page and website to arrange a carpool. For those without car racks, there are a few parents (mostly in Wolseley) that have trucks with room on occasion. Please talk to Jamie if this interests you.


The Flaming Cheetahs do not push families to participate in the races however, it is a great opportunity and we encourage you to try one of the races out if your child is at all interested.  At our April 30th ride night we will be practicing race starts and giving kids a chance to become comfortable with the idea of racing.  At all the races there will be Flaming Cheetah coaches present to help pre-ride of the course and support your child with their race. All the other club coaches in the city are also very friendly and helpful at the racing sites.

The current MCA membership you have purchased includes insurance for racing.  There will be a nominal fee for each race upon registration ($10.00-$15.00).  Food is not necessarily provided at all races. Please come prepared with food, water and sunscreen.  Some race organizers provide food for purchase.

Wednesday Night Race Series

If your child loves to race, we would encourage you to bring them to the Wednesday night series at Birds Hill Park.  They will race the course at Bur Oak.  If you have questions, feel free to ask any of the WW coaches.

Wind up  - Thursday, June 18th @ Vimy Ridge Park

Whew! More information will be sent as the season rolls along.

We look forward to meeting you all soon!


The Flaming Cheetah Coaches

Latest News — Flaming Cheetahs

Hey folks!!

Even though there is still snow on the ground, it is time to start thinking of our upcoming 2015 KOM season for the Flaming Cheetahs. 

Please find attached our 2015 registration form. Please fill out and return as soon as possible as we would like to order our jerseys soon, and we also have a growing wait list that we need to address once we have our returning kids and their siblings registered.

For returning kids with siblings who would also like to join this year, please fill out a separate registration form and return during this initial registration period as well. Siblings will also be given a spot during the returning cheetahs registration period until February 17th, 2015.

We will be opening up to new registrations on February 17th, 2015, so if your child's registration has not been submitted by then we will be unable to guarantee your child a spot for this season.

Also attached is the 2015 ride schedule; as always this is a flexible schedule and may change slightly due to riding conditions.

We have a wonderful parent volunteer who has volunteered to step up and design a webpage for us, so look for that sometime in February!

Also, there was some requests last year from parents for there to be adult FC jerseys for the parents to wear while riding with the club. Please let me know if you are interested, and we will place an order for parent jerseys if there is enough interest.

Lastly, please welcome our two new coaches, Jason Enns and Sylvia Furtado when you see them in the spring. Our club would simply not exist without their hard work and dedication, so thank you for stepping up!

That is all for now, but please feel free to email or call with any questions that you may have . 2015 looks to be an even bigger and better season for our club. Can't wait!!

Coach Jamie