Who are we?

The Flaming Cheetahs is a cycling club for kids. We’re part of the Kids of Mud program, affiliated with the Manitoba Cycling Association, and we run from mid-April to mid-June every year (weather permitting). All of our coaches are also Can-Bike Instructors, and we are the only club that teaches urban road riding skills. 

Who can join?

Any child who can ride comfortably on a two wheel bicycle, from 5 and up. We accommodate a wide range of ages and skill sets. Parents are more than welcome to bring their own bikes and come along for the ride, as long as they are wearing a helmet.

What do we do?

Mostly, have fun! Again in 2018, we will be meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays at a variety of parks in and around Winnipeg; learn and practice basic and advanced bike handling skills, and go for group rides through the trails.


** As of February 19th, 2018 our club is now full with over sixty riders for the 2018 season. If requested we will add your name to the waiting list for the 2019 season.